November 6th, 2017

Thinking about the openings made within my ears, I realize being the only man in the Alston family with my ears pierced, some form of self-clarification in who I am more than questioning who I am supposed to be. I believe in the symbolism I task the day-to-day objects to hold. My projection of those moments stays still to my experience. A weekend comes where the celebration of color and of sex is in order. He comes into town… you two meet for the first time,your best man and first love.  I felt at first in the way and insecure. Because the way you both lay was so pure the hold you guys gave to one another. We agreed as a bonding forever through making something permanent happen through that moment through these piercings I found more of myself within you whom I love and your best man being your best man in that moment.  The intimacy in why we were there is actually quite logical I never done something to my body outside of the Alston male structure. He never met you and came in as a best friend(man) to be apart of a joyous us both allowing each other to be each other’s.It was like a marriage in a way… We were not questioning on why we need to be here, it was more so us understanding that we are here, and we are always going to be here giving into one another, being each others grounding. I take the earrings the actions of getting pierced as something permanent to being with you, an ‘I do’ of sorts.  That moment in time will always be there because of the literal and figurative. These earrings become some other experience where my confidence in wondering in that experience makes it worthwhile with you. 

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